How It Works?

AutoMi enables automation of functional testing using keywords and data driven frameworks, through a highly intuitive user interface.

Types of Tests Supported

Continuous Testing

AutoMi leverages a wide range of integrations - from source control management tools to continuous integration tools. Functional tests can be triggered as part of the regular build process and run results are reported in AutoMi's in-built Reports module.

Web Testing

For recording web applications, AutoMi launches the browser with a built-in extension which injects JavaScript event listeners into the web pages for capturing the actions performed by the user.

Android Testing

For recording android applications, AutoMi wraps the apk file with event listeners which captures the actions performed on the app.

iOS Testing

AutoMi uses keyword driven technique to create test cases for iOS. Objects are captured one time and stored it in the repository. Objects created are then used in creating test cases.

API Testing

AutoMi provides an enhanced REST client interface and supports validation of status code, schema and data.

Cross-Browser Web Testing

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. Record in one and run in all.

AutoMi - System components & process

In any traditional Automation tool, manual test engineer provides test scripts and test data as the input to the automation engineer, to automate any test script.

AutoMi takes care of creating the test script, test data and object repository at one time.