Accelerating Testing


Automate your automation testing for mobile, web and APIs


Simplify, Accelerate, Automate

Are you

    Finding it difficult to explain value and returns of automation investments?
    Facing issues finding good automation engineers?
    Unsure about the effectiveness of your automation process?
    Never in synch with the automation needs for current release build verification, sanity and full regression testing needs?

What is AutoMi?

AutoMi is your one stop solution for automating end to end web, mobile applications and APIs testing

AutoMi enables automation of the overall testing life cycle by creating automation scripts on the fly based on user clicks and provides you with an ability to play it back. It also provides a testing suite for easier test management, mid-stream stop and re-record, load multiple data sets without the need to replay, cross platform and cross browser testing, mobile and APIs load and functional testing and many other features to make your entire testing process seamless and completely automated.

Let your manual test engineers or even your business users, with no programming skills, create testing suites. Eliminate the need to hire expert automation engineers or to spend time building cumbersome automation frameworks or integrate test suites into your process. AutoMi does it all for you..

Why AutoMi?

Minimal learning curve

AutoMi doesn't require any programming skills. Setup and quickly get productive in creating user click based recording and creation of automation scripts for scheduled or anytime replay


AutoMi solves the multi-platform test execution challenge by executing cross platform test cases from a single source

Even for business users

AutoMi is so simple to operate that your manual testing team and even your business users can use it for automating the testing cycles

Increases speed to market

AutoMi, with its recording capability, saves the time for testing, thus increasing the speed to market


More than record and play

With record and run, test engineers are only limited to the number of test cases they wish to record


AutoMi allows test cases to be segregated into test suites. This allows for sampling of tests that can be selected and run on a specific module or even a single test case can be executed without having to run the entire test suite

Multiple data sets - same test case

AutoMi separates data from the test case allowing to use different sets of data for the same test case

Keyword driven

AutoMi can be used to quickly create automated tests which are keyword driven. Unlike scripts, keyword-driven tests do not require knowledge of scripting languages or any other skill set in a language pertaining to the tool

UI based automation

One of the key challenges that adds to automation cost is making script changes during a delivery cycle. With UI based automation it is easy to make changes to the recorded or created scripts in the delivery cycle